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Billionaire Charm
The Fractured Addictions Series – Prequel
New Series


“I am not getting back at you. I just do not think you are capable.” Laura stilled at Royce’s words.
“Jamar is undoubtedly skilled. His lack of emotional attachment also makes him clearheaded and
perfect for this.”
“You do not think… I am capable?” her voice faltered; his words felt like a punch to her gut.
“I’m tired, Laura.” With a dismissive wave, Royce turned and began to walk away. “This
conversation is over.”
He had taken no more than two steps when she spoke. “What more do you want?” She
Asked, barely containing her anger. “Against all odds, I have built my career. I fought tooth and
nail to be where I am, but you still think I am not capable.”
Royce halted, his back still to her. “I am not against your career. Although I must admit, I do lack
enthusiasm for you to have a career, but it is your life. However, I will not sit back and watch you
bury yourself in it. Then blindly pick a wrong partner when it is time to settle down.” He paused.
“Your mother would not have wanted that. You must admit you do not have the best history with
Freezing silence filled the room.
Her mother had passed away years ago after a long battle with cancer. Laura had taken her death
harder than anyone else. Royce and Laura hardly spoke of her. Her father had buried himself in
his work, organizing the hospital and increasing his status as a billionaire. His hospital, which
was one of his many organizations, was recognized as one of the country’s top medical centers.
Recognized for creating opportunities to make research fully funded by charities in search of cures
for viruses. Also, aimed at achieving total comfort for patients regardless of their health status.
Although Royce was a lot of things but a philanthropist, he was geared towards health promotion
which explained why he spent a lot on research. In the process, he had earned himself a fortune
and gained a respectable reputation. Only a month ago, he had been named among the top ten richest
people in the world.
He had built a wall, a man always in meetings without giving himself the space to grieve, but Laura
had been more open about her feelings and had sought ways to fill up the void.

Want a sneak peek at the other books in the series?

Tainted Rapture: The Fractured Addictions Series (Book 1)
Release Date: 5/29/23

As Michael came out of the boardroom, he rushed to the elevator and hopped into it. Hurriedly,
he pressed hard the button going to the first floor. On his way down, he tried calling Julie, but it
rang for a minute, and then, hung up. After getting out of the elevator, he walked towards the
company’s garage. The staff at the reception bowed their heads as they saw him approaching, but
he didn’t take notice of their gesture.
Everything in his head seemed blank.
The only thing that filled his mind was JULIE!
An Image of JULIE!
He didn’t want to lose her.
He couldn’t even think of losing her.
Not at this point.
Not now, when he finally started to feel what it was like to be in love again.
The warmth he felt as their bodies intertwined!
The comfort he felt as their souls were lost to each other!
The pleasurable pain of immersing themselves into one another!
He wasn’t going to let go of that!
He was going to fight for them!
He was going to protect her.

Kimberly is conflicted with guilt and burning desires. 

Michael, a patient with whom Kimberly has developed that deep connection that she has been craving, needs to stay longer for more tests.  So what’s the problem? His ex-wife has been coming in daily and begins to question their connection. Kimberly remains cool and professional and does not give in to the chemistry she feels with him. 

Now that Eric is still nearby she resists any of his temptations. Working together proves to be difficult with his overbearing and dominant “know-it-all” attitude. 

Mentally she is exhausted…

Sexually…her body can’t help but react to thoughts about him…

Will she be tempted by the genuine patient, or give in to lust with the sinfully sexy doctor?

Who is Lisa Bonham?

Who am I? I am a curvy wine and food lover who is always dreaming of new romances. I am a cat and dog lover, an early riser, and have strong allergies to housework and dairy. I love hedonistic, spontaneous travel and intoxicating, intense experiences. I then try to bring those immensely pleasurable emotions with rich detail in my books to share with you in fast-paced super exciting plots and gorgeous alpha characters with beautiful hearts and minds in irresistible stories.

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